There is much, much more that you can do, but you should start in the shallows before going into the deep blue sea. Once you master the elements above, you can then move toward more interesting cases, such as using JQL statements within Confluence pages. In the meantime, you should now have the skills necessary to find every elusive issue in your Jira sea, just as Captain Ahab found his white whale. Parentheses are an important piece of syntax to ensure the proper order of operations within a JQL statement. In this statement, we’ll use parentheses to explicitly declare that this final OR clause will be processed before the rest of the previous AND clauses.

jql query examples

There is no better way to make complex searches in Jira. A JQL function allows you to calculate various Jira data. It’s useful in situations where the values change over time. Thus, instead of searching for a value that may have changed already, it’s better to use a function. Additionally, some JQL functions help search for information that isn’t contained in fields or values. The group key is computed from a key specification – the first argument of the groupBy() transformation.


The filtering options of each field will dynamically update based on the type of the field. For example, date fields, such as createdDate, will display options to choose date ranges, what are JQL queries and how to use them while the assignee field gives a multi-select and user search tool. JQL stands for “Jira Query Language,” and it is a powerful search language used to query Jira data.

jql query examples

That way, you can easily check the changes within your search parameters without the need to write a query each time. Some of built-in reducers, e.g. avg() or sum(), compute statistics over numeric collections. Each of the numeric built-in reducers accepts an optional first argument – an accessor – that instructs it how to convert the input object to a numeric value.

Use Cases for JQL

Fields are columns that contain different types of information in the system (like issue type and priority). JQL, like SQL and GraphQL, enables easy access to large data sets. These queries are similar in nature, even though they operate on different platforms.

In this instance, if we use the example already mentioned, only DEMO-2, DEMO-3 and DEMO-4 will be returned. When your query has been added, click the Search for Issues icon. Enhanced Search features several JQL functions not available as default in Jira, which are documented within this section.

Search all critical issues in more than projects

In most cases you don’t have to use @TypeName for ValueObjects. For example, querying by ValueObject class relies on it. This switch affects queries for Changes and also Since Javers 6.0, the Initial Changes switch
is controlled on the Javers instance level
by JaversBuilder.withInitialChanges() and it is enabled by default. Results are similar when the child Value Objects filter is applied to a Snapshot query. Snapshots of changed child Value Objects are returned together with the owning Entity snapshot.

Saving your search as a filter is as simple as hitting the ‘Save As’ button above the search bar. If you’re looking to come back to the same report every morning, or want to send the search you’ve saved to a colleague, a filter is nice and straightforward. You can even determine who in your organization is able to see your filter by updating the sharing settings. The operators IS EMPTY and IS NOT EMPTY can be used to search issues where the field has any value, or none. Going back from a filtered list to a complete set of information is a one-click process.

jql query examples

Just like English or French, JQL has its own syntax and vocabulary. You can use a JQL filter to make a board that shows the relevant issues based on whatever criteria you want. JQL is a flexible yet robust logic that can be used in a variety of different ways. From the Jira search bar, select JQL on the far right to begin writing your query. Jira Query Language (JQL) is a powerful and flexible way to search within Jira. With CI/CD for Jira you can now query on build and deployment information.

jql query examples